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Spiritual Business

Most people want to talk about business today. Ralph Freelink, the founder and director of the Centre for Holistic Inquiry wants to talk about business tomorrow. I met him for an afternoon conversation – something I’d like to do with equally interesting people more often.

An economist, engineer and holistic scientist, Ralph admitted that it will take years before his holistic spiritual perspective that is based on increasing dialogue becomes widespread.

Ralph’s notion of Holism, especially with regards to the internet, complements contemporary applications of collective intelligence, and the increasing significance of building a global consciousness through conversations within organizations and the marketplace.

“the internet is the physical and externalized manifestation of the realm of consciousness that we can’t see, but can experience.”

He speaks eloquently about the need to recognize the reciprocity between the whole and its parts, and to respect all the agents in an organizational ecology. His wisdom is inspired by process thinking, which emphasizes becoming, rather than static experience or being. It makes me wonder:

How can we bring forth something that wants to happen?

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  1. Joshua wrote:

    Ralph reponds:
    “I agree. We only have to allow the thing that is already in place. We can it bring forth if we can see the process in our experience and open up to it. It requires sensitivity of perception and stillness of mind. A matter of conscious and continuous practise…”

    Friday, June 16, 2006 at 9:18 am | Permalink

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