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Monthly Archives: July 2006

SHiFT: Social and Human Ideas for Technology

SHiFT is a new conference in Lisbon (28-29 Sept.) about how emerging technologies can positively impact the way we live. Expect informal and open dialogue about society in five main areas:
People and Technology
Knowledge Management
Civic Participation
Rights, Liberties and Privacy for the Digital Age
New forms of Economics
The list of speakers includes some dependably inspiring people and compassionate [...]

Jaiku, ‘rich presence’ on your mobile

Communication on mobiles is unnecessarily disruptive. It also lacks context. You can send and receive messages in voice and text, but never know about the status of the receiver. Are they up for conversation? Are they somewhere nearby?
Jaiku brings ‘rich presence’ to your phone, showing the location and availability of your contacts.
“We invented the term [...]

Pecha Kucha in Amsterdam

Pecha Kucha is a presentation format with 20 slides, each taking 20 seconds. It means something like ‘chit chat’ in Japanese, and was first used in 2003 by Klein-Dytham architects in Tokyo to help young designers present their work and network. At its best, it’s an unhesistating compact torrent of new information.
I first encountered Pecha [...]

Remarkable Long Weekend (the next web, kevin kelly, cloud9, VIZTA)

“The Next Web Conference” was held in Amsterdam last week. Kevin Kelly, a prolific and sensitive person whose bio is really worth reading, gave the keynote presentation, a thorough summary of which is here. I later met with him and began our conversation by asking: “People usually ask you about what will happen in [...]