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Jaiku, ‘rich presence’ on your mobile

Jaiku screenshot

Communication on mobiles is unnecessarily disruptive. It also lacks context. You can send and receive messages in voice and text, but never know about the status of the receiver. Are they up for conversation? Are they somewhere nearby?

Jaiku brings ‘rich presence’ to your phone, showing the location and availability of your contacts.

“We invented the term ‘rich presence’ to describe the many relevant things a phone knows about you. Rich presence on Jaiku includes an IM-style away line, your phone profile (ring volume, vibrate), location (country, city/region, neigborhood), Bluetooth devices around, upcoming calendar events, and the duration how long your phone has been idle.”

Jyri Engstrom, one of the good people behind Jaiku and co-founder of aula, an open community to advance the creative society, was in Amsterdam last weekend. He showed us Jaiku the day of its beta release, and I realized what a complement it is to the generation who have multiple conversation in real-time on IM. Julian Bleeker said it best:

Presence awareness is the breakfast cereal of the millennials and Jyri and the like are the new Kellogg’s.

Interestingly, Jaiku came out of a talk that Jyri gave at reboot about the importance of peripheral vision to mobile phones. Someone approached him after, said he had the code ready, and they made Jaiku in one week. Impressive.
Jyri showing Jaiku to Sacha and Alex

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  1. Carson wrote:

    Is there a market for such a thing? It’s a common complaint that we are overly ‘present’ or ‘available’ with cell phones already. Like many things, communication for me is valued in quality, not quantity.

    Friday, September 1, 2006 at 2:59 pm | Permalink

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