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+K consulting for the elusive ‘T-factor’

In my first ever experiential consulting opportunity, in my spare time I’ll be lending a hand to Borut Separovic’s new multi-media experiential event. ‘T-factor’ is an attempt to address our private thoughts about what makes someone a terrorist.

Separovic (Croatia, 1967) is a theater director and choreographer in residence at Dasarts, the institute for advanced research in theater and dance studies in Amsterdam. His last work was an intense particpatory piece that filtered a crowd into successively smaller groups based on their answers to difficult moral questions.

Separovic excels at imperceptibly pulling hidden prejudices from within the audience. He directs them as participants, externalizing their beliefs by literaly having them vote with their feet. Except in this democracy, beliefs are instantaneously social. Private opinions become public.

Separovic invited me to act as a creative consultant and participant in the upcoming production. Using his research as the basis, we’ve begun conceptualizing the format and script of the event. It’s something entirely new for me, and beyond the normal scope of +K, so I’m honored to contribute and learn about the world of experiential design.

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