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Community on the scale of a room

A leading environmental and experiential design firm in Amsterdam had me by the other day and asked about the possibilities of enhancing physical environments with data, information and interaction. I’m collecting thoughts on the subject, and I started with inspiration from a book I’m now reading.

Randolph Hester’s ‘Design for Ecological Democracy’ so far argues that community building should be the domain of designers of all stripes, and that design should provide a context for joyful existence. The design of physical spaces and the experiences within them can expose us to interconnectedness and promote healthy communities.

How could you apply that audacious vision to commercial settings? I think the opportunities are vast, and don’t necessarily need to be facilitated by brands.

As we move through space, we are already able to trigger social and geographic contextual information. Our relationships, preferences, habits and patterns can initialize augmented ‘mobile’ personal experiences.

What if a space could aggregate our relationships to information and people, and augment our collective experience, allowing us to build an entirely unique community (and a memory of it) in that physical instant.

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  1. Lars wrote:

    Follow the white rabbit and extrapolate from there. Or in French: lapin.

    Wednesday, December 6, 2006 at 10:04 am | Permalink

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