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Category Archives: Amsterdam

+K consulting for the elusive ‘T-factor’

In my first ever experiential consulting opportunity, in my spare time I’ll be lending a hand to Borut Separovic’s new multi-media experiential event. ‘T-factor’ is an attempt to address our private thoughts about what makes someone a terrorist.
Separovic (Croatia, 1967) is a theater director and choreographer in residence at Dasarts, the institute for advanced research [...]

The Brother’s Quay

The Brother’s Quay are important stop motion animators. Their movies are set in finely-crafted enigmatic miniature dreamworlds. These micro-landscapes and the characters within them are insights into the brothers’ esoteric imagination.
The Holland Festival, in partnership with the Rotterdam Film Festival, is for the first time displaying the Quay’s sets. Looking into their microcosmic [...]

Spiritual Business

Most people want to talk about business today. Ralph Freelink, the founder and director of the Centre for Holistic Inquiry wants to talk about business tomorrow. I met him for an afternoon conversation – something I’d like to do with equally interesting people more often.
An economist, engineer and holistic scientist, Ralph admitted that it will [...]

Hallo Academie ‘Exposed 06′

Somewhere in the West of Amsterdam, there’s an advanced institute for applied creativity that will be known for the talent it produced in 2006.
Directed by Wim Michels, the Hallo Academie is an intensive one-year collaborative creative program for brilliant misfits. Last year I directed a short course on the rebranding of the U.S.A., and I’m [...]

Nanine Linning’s Cry Love

Cry Love is Nanine Linning’s new multi-disciplinary performance now at the Holland Festival. In it, she continues her departure from form and aesthetics, and brings us again into our common animalistic inner world. It was both thrilling and enervating.
‘In my work I want to touch a deeper layer, a layer that’s about emotions and human [...]

Mysteriously Abandoned Corporate Complex

Alex and I explored an abandoned industrial complex where we now have some friends living legally. In our free time, we’re working on an interdisciplinary project called “Mixed Use” to awaken the spirit of the space where millions of human hours were expended.

Sunlight Ragas in Heiko’s home

In the world of new media art there are various music user-interfaces that allow you to play with light to affect sound. What about using the changing natural light of the sun instead?
That’s the principle behind the North Indian Ragas played by Sitar Master Gaurav Mazumdar and our host and Tabla player, Heiko Dijker.
Mazumdar, one [...]