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Notes from the ‘Global Place’ conference

(From Mark Newman’s Worldmapper)
The recent ‘Global Place’ conference at the University of Michigan addressed the challenge of designing and managing cities in age of unprecedented urbanization and global climactic crisis. Cities can be a part of the solution as they are far more than physical places. Economically, they are the location of opportunities and increasingly [...]

Ged Davis: the ethics and morality of futurism

Running notes from European Futurist Conference, Lucerne

Managing Director of the World Economic forum and resident futurist, Ged Davis begins by with issuing the question of how we will live into the 22nd century. Futurists, he says, need to develop a capacity to use the future as a tool to move the planet forward responsibly.
His second [...]

Stowe Boyd: “the individual is the new group”

I met Stowe Boyd at Reboot8 in Copenhagen. He embodied the spirit of that conference. Illuminating, affable, sincere. And when it comes to understanding the significant future of social tools, social networks and social software, he’s a leading voice. What’s telling is that I didn’t realize that until I started to read his thoughts, which [...]

SHiFT: Social and Human Ideas for Technology

SHiFT is a new conference in Lisbon (28-29 Sept.) about how emerging technologies can positively impact the way we live. Expect informal and open dialogue about society in five main areas:
People and Technology
Knowledge Management
Civic Participation
Rights, Liberties and Privacy for the Digital Age
New forms of Economics
The list of speakers includes some dependably inspiring people and compassionate [...]