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Joshua Kauffman now to be found at REGIONAL – office for development and design
Joshua Kauffman bio on Linkedin


featuring my more recent activities:

Ma Qingyun asked us to answer 10 questions on cities of expiration and regeneration

(projection of a new urban growth, from the simulations of the urban planning office of the city of Shenzhen, 2007.)
Head Curator of the biennale Ma Qingyun (who’s also Dean of the USC school of Architecture and planning consultant to the Beijing Olympics) asked all participants and exhibitors to answer 10 questions on the theme of [...]

My new partnership: REGIONAL

In the last months I have been working in partnership with Gwendolyn Floyd in our new venture called “REGIONAL.” We operate REGIONAL as an interdisciplinary design and research network that performs and applies original analysis of global society, culture and commerce, uncovering and developing opportunities for profitable innovation and meaningful cultural intervention.
It’s been a wonderful [...]

modifying the ’social’

During my participation in the European Futurists Conference last autumn, Sirkka Heinonen & Minna Halonen of the Technical Research Centre of Finland interviewed me for their extended research on Social Media.
They’ve just sent me the text of the interview which will be incorporated into their formal report to be released globally in November. Here’s an [...]

Mark Dion’s Systema Metropolis

On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the birth of the father of Taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus, The Natural History Museum in London is now devoting an entire special exhibition to his contribution in understanding the natural world. They called upon amateur scientist and fine artist Mark Dion to conceive of an interpretation of Linneaus [...]

Building Bacteria in Second Life

(Second Life avatar walking on Mycoplasma Pneumoniae)
We’ve been fortunate to have Matt Biddulph around Amsterdam a lot recently. Describing himself as a creative technologist and freelance software developer, tonight he spoke to an intimate audience at Mediamatic about programming self-replicating bacteria in Second Life. Here are some notes.
Matt introduced his talk with an overview of [...]


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floating breakdancer, originally uploaded by Joshua Kauffman.

In a gymnasium in Petit-Lancy, Geneva, this Parisian breakdancer practices on the periphery for the Swiss hip-hop dance competition.

Getting a better look at ourselves

How can we better understand our ecosystem and our impact in it? How can we aggregate uncoordinated measurements about the status of our environment for commercial, educational and awareness purposes?
Two complementary sources provide observations and trends analysis to help improve the management of our resources and ultimately our planetary health and civilizational well-being.

GEONETCast is a [...]

Milosevic’s instrument of propaganda

Snjezana Milivojevic, chairwoman of the center for Media Studies at the University of Belgrade, spoke tonight about media as an instrument of ethnic and nationalist propaganda in Serbia during the ’90s.
How did Milosevic use the media to promote himself and his ideas? And how did society communicate its resistance to the centrally controlled media?
After the [...]