This Private REIT Offers A Strong Hedge Against Market Volatility And A 15% Target IRR

This Private REIT Offers A Strong Hedge Against Market Volatility And A 15% Target IRR

CrowdStreet’s popular C-REIT I has reopened for investor contributions. The C-REIT is a highly diversified private real estate investment trust (REIT) sponsored by CrowdStreet Advisors. The fund seeks to identify between 20 and 25 commercial real estate growth opportunities in the following real estate sectors:

  • Multifamily
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare

C-REIT I will concentrate on properties in growing markets across the U.S. Sunbelt, such as Nashville, Austin and Raleigh-Durham. All of these cities are experiencing strong population and job growth as Americans migrate away from big cities like New York and Chicago. 

Investment Highlights

C-REIT I differs from typical REITs in several respects. First, the assets in the REIT will consist exclusively of private commercial real estate. Second, all C-REIT I’s assets have been hand selected by CrowdStreet’s braintrust. The CrowdStreet platform screens and vets hundreds of potential real estate investment offerings from sponsors throughout the course of a year. The fact that it’s chosen the assets in the C-REIT speaks volumes about their potential upside. 

It will also offer investors the chance to buy equity in an incredibly diversified portfolio for pennies on the dollar in relation to making individual equity investments into 20 to 25 properties. Lastly, the C-REIT I assets will all be in the value-add/opportunistic sectors with a focus on capital appreciation. This is in contrast to most private REITs, which are more focused on generating passive income for investors. 

  • Minimum investment: $25,000
  • Projected hold period: five to seven years
  • Projected internal rate of return: 15%
  • Projected equity multiple: 1.8-2.3x

Interested investors must submit offers by July 28 and fund them by July 29. C-REIT I is accepting contributions from self-directed individual retirement account holders. 

About The Project Sponsor

Crowdstreet Advisors is the CrowdStreet platform’s real estate braintrust. This is a team of 20 seasoned commercial real estate investment veterans who evaluate and select every deal in C-REIT I by hand. They are managing nearly $300 million worth of investment assets. Since launching the CrowdStreet platform, they have vetted and posted a total of 590 offerings and raised nearly $3 billion in investor capital.

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